What's the Best Hat for the Sun

Hats are so important! The sun can damage your skin, giving you unwanted sun spots. Today in a 60-second video, I will be explaining the importance of different styles of hats.

Some big and floppy, others a little low key but all of them help prevent the sun from damaging your skin. Baseball caps are of course popular, and it does help shade the top of your face.

However, there are still a lot of “blind spots” per say that are open to the sun. Lots of my clients come in concerned about their sun spots, which are normally on the tops of the cheeks and all the way down the neck.

My personal hats include a wide brimmed hat that covers most of my face, to an even larger wide brimmed hat that will protect me from the sun. It covers the skin from my forehead all the way to my neck.

I can’t say it enough that the sun is simply not your friend. So, go treat yourself to a beautiful floppy hat that will keep your skin spotless!

Please watch the 60 second video to learn more. Thank you!

And... if you are combating sun damaged skin or brown spots, I highly recommend you use my Brightening Serum, Hydra-Brightening Toner Pads, with the Ageless Night Cream.

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