Your Skin Is Like A What?

In today's video I discuss how to gradually get rid of one of the biggest skin complaints from my clients.

What drives you to wit's end? What is one thing that you wish with all your heart to peel away?

For a lot of people it's dreadful brown spots and sunspots. What if I told you that there is a way to reduce the appearance of sunspots? My clients always come in worried about them, disliking them, and ultimately just want them gone. Well your skin is just like an apple. I know, you must be thinking what in the world is Adeena thinking?

Brown spots and sunspots are just like the bruising of an apple. If you were to use a vegetable peeler, and peel along the bruised skin of the apple, the bruise would slightly diminish. right? Likewise, if you kept on peeling and peeling, the bruise spot would become smaller and smaller. This process is very similar to receiving a facial. When you come in once a month to get a professional facial, your treatment will gradually help to reduce the appearance of those sunspots. Watch the video above to learn more.

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