How to boost your mood and fix your skin with detoxifying produce.

In a recent survey of almost 14,000 people by the University of Warwick in England, those with the highest levels of mental well-being ate the most fruits and vegetables. Volunteers were asked about their diet, confidence, stress, social support, optimism, and mental clarity. The happiest participants – about one in three – ate five or more servings of produce daily; 31 percent ate three or four servings and 7 percent ate less than one serving.

The hypothesis? Produce-packed diets may help battle inflammation and chronic disease, both of which increase the risk of depression. Other research has found a correlation between lower moods and fast food, processed meats, and sugary desserts.

I hope you will reach for fruits and vegetables more often for even better skin and even better moods. Book your facial today so that you can receive professional skincare help for younger, healthier looking skin!

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