Dermatude® Meta Therapy “The Facelift Alternative”

Dermatude® Meta Therapy “The Facelift Alternative”

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What is Dermatude® Meta Therapy?

Dermatude® Meta Therapy stands for Medical & Esthetical Tissue Activating Therapy. is required to provide you the latest non-invasive, non-traumatic innovation in the beauty industry!

A series of eight (8) therapy treatments combines the benefits of several skin rejuvenation methods in ONE – An All 100% Natural! – unique technique for:

√ Anti-aging.

√ Rejuvenation.

√ Hydration.

√ Restoration .

√ Great results with little down-time or pain.

New! Dermatude Meta-Ject FX50 at Poema Skincare in San Diego

How Does the Dermatude® Meta Therapy Work?

Using the Dermatude® Meta-Ject FX digital controller, hand-piece, and a disposable, sterile, ultra-thin polycarbonate module, 120 micro-perforations are made in the skin per second.

This easily and safely remove dead skin cells, conditions skin cells, and helps with the penetration of proprietary blended antioxidant/peptide serums.

Since the face is not a flat plane, but contains areas that are rounded and curved, Dermatude’s flex-head technology adjusts itself to your skin’s surface.

A series of eight (8) therapy treatments gives you and your Poema Skincare Specialist the the precise tool to help you tackle:

√ Fine lines and wrinkles. √ Texture and pores. √ Age spots. √ Face and neck or Décolleté area.


What Do The Treatments Include?

In less than an hour your face will receive:
  1. A thorough cleanse

  2. A light alpha-hydroxy acid peel or enzyme

  3. The Dermatude® Meta Therapy

  4. Customized antioxidant/peptide serum induction

  5. Antioxidant moisturizer

  6. Sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30.

San Diego’s Dermatude Meta Therapy helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, & large


Excellent Results For Those Concerned With:

√ Forehead wrinkles √ Crow’s feet √ Better skin structure √ Finer pores √ Lifting √ Neck or Décolleté √ Frown wrinkles √ Eye bags √ Anti-aging √ Wrinkles around the mouth √ Acne Scars

Excellent Results On Different Skin Types:

√ Dehydrated skin √ Mature skin √ Dry to very dry skin √ Crackleware skin √ Slack skin √ Damaged skin (after excessive exposure to UV light) √ Post-surgical skin √ Smoker’s skin √ Pigmentation disorders √ Pigmentation spots

Choose Dermatude Meta Therapy for a Younger, Softer, Firmer, Smoother-looking Chest.

Is It Painful? Do I Need To Take Time Off Work?

The treatment is slightly painful. The skin will repair these invisible micro perforations immediately and will produce collagen and elastin, so the natural repair mechanisms of the skin is activated.

The skin is restored by cell regeneration, a completely natural process that the skin does all by itself.

After the treatment, the skin may show some redness, but this usually disappears in 24 hours.

We strongly recommend you buying 1% Hydrocortisone Cream from your local store and applying it on your skin immediately after your treatments upon returning home and then 3 times a day for first 48 hours.

You should able to get back to your daily activities or go to work right away and wear make-up the following day.

How Often Do I Need To Come In To Receive My 8 Initial Treatments?

You have 2 Options for your therapy treatment series:

  • Start with a course of 4 weekly treatments, followed by 4 treatments every 2 weeks, until your 8 treatments are completed. And afterwards, a periodical maintenance treatment to maintain the achieved result.

  • OR

  • Start with a course of One treatment every 2 weeks until your 8 treatments are completed. And afterwards, a periodical maintenance treatment to maintain the achieved result.


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