How often should I get a facial?

The short answer is ever 3-4 weeks. The long answer is that the skin cell cycle is 28 days until you are about 25 years old, then it can slow down to up to 48 days after that. Collagen production also slows down dramatically to approximately 50% as well. You can actually trick the skin cells to act like younger cells on a 28 day cycle by receiving a professional facial treatment at Poema Skincare every 3-4 weeks. By doing so you’re revving up the skin renewal factor rate, stimulating new cells and collagen, and keeping pores clear. Your skin cells never really get a chance to slow down or get sluggish, and brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles don’t appear as noticeable when skin cells are regularly being exfoliated, nourished, hydrated, and protected. Sleep, diet, exercise, stress, and how well you take care of your skin every morning and night may also play an important role in maintaining healthy skin.

Where do I park when I arrive?

Directly behind the underground parking structure is a free parking lot. If that parking lot is full, there is free street parking and metered parking that accepts coins and credit cards. If you require handicap parking, there is a blue parallel parking area right out front of our building. We also have 2 more handicap spots in the parking garage directly beneath the building within short distance to the elevator. When taking the elevator to the first floor, our suite is parallel to and faces to 1st Avenue at the end of the hallway.

What type(s) of payments do you accept?

We accept cash and credit cards. A gratuity of 18%-20% is the standard on the full retail amount for professionals in our service industry: Hair stylists, Massage Therapists, Estheticians, etc.

How can I use my gift certificate?

Gift certificates may be purchased by phone, online, or in person. They must be presented at time of service and are non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. Gift certificates are only redeemable at Poema Skincare 2333 1st Ave, Suite 106 San Diego CA 92101. Gift certificates do not expire. Poema Skincare is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or unauthorized use of gift certificate. Cannot be used on products, or combined with any other special offers. Your purchase or use of this certificate constitutes acceptance of the proceeding terms and conditions. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

What is your return policy?

Although sales on services, packages, memberships are final, they can be transferred to a different service or friend. Product purchases are final and not refundable. However, unused and unopened products may be exchanged for a different product or applied to a store credit within 14 days.

What is your cancellation policy?

A credit or debit card will be required to secure all reservations. If you wish to change or cancel your appointment we require a 48 hour notice. No shows, rescheduling, and/or cancelling after this time will result in 100% of full-price retail amount billed to your card. If you do not show up or cancel in time, and if your appointment was to be used with an internet voucher, the promotional amount is void, however the paid amount is never void.

What is your policy for late arrivals?

Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start of your treatment. This will allow you to find parking, fully unwind and enjoy your allotted time. As a courtesy to all of our clients, late arrivals will result in a shorter treatment if the schedule is booked. We will always do our best to accommodate you.

What is Iderm Electric Facial?

Since the skin naturally rejects and repels what we put on it, this treatment uses direct galvanic current to effectively introduce water-soluble, vitamin-enriched solutions deeper into the lower dermal layers of the skin by means of electricity. This treatment utilizes two ionization processes: a positive ion or a negative ion.

  • A positive treatment causes an acidic reaction and helps to firm the skin and promote new cell growth.
  • A negative treatment creates an alkaline reaction to loosen impacted cystic acne for deep cleansing of the skin.
WHAT RESULTS CAN I EXPECT? Deep pore cleansing Deep pore hydration Less fine lines and wrinkles Firm and tone face and neck Boosts healing process pre and post laser and surgical procedures HOW OFTEN CAN I HAVE A TREATMENT? A series of 8 treatments are recommended weekly to jump-start the anti-aging or anti-acne process through what we like to call Boot Camp. Maximize your results with monthly maintenance IS THE IDERM® ELECTRIC FACIAL SAFE? Yes, it’s a very low intensity current, a milliamper (1/1000th of an ampere) and is safe and effective for application to the skin WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE THE IDERM® ELECTRIC FACIAL? Conditions that preclude you from having the Iderm® Electric Facial without a physician’s note are:
  • Epilepsy Hemophilia or infectious diseases
  • Severe claustrophobia Bruising, swelling, acute inflammation
  • Neuritis/neuralgia Cancer, tumors or unrecognized lumps
  • Pregnancy Pacemakers, mechanical devices/implants
  • Metal plates/rods/pins in or around the head/face/neck/chest/shoulders/upper back

What do I need to know about waxing?

DOES WAXING HURT? People have different tolerances. We have discovered that anticipation is much more intense than realization at Skintelligent. We get a lot of hugs after waxing and compliments that clients felt very comfortable with the intimacy of the service. HOW LONG DOES MY HAIR HAVE TO BE? Each hair grows at different speeds so the longer you wait the more thorough the waxing. Do not cut, buzz or trim. If it is too short, the wax will “slip” off the hair as we pull. Hair is long enough to wax when you can pinch the hair and pull up, and you can lift up your skin (about the length of a grain of rice.) HOW LONG DOES THE WAXING LAST? Depending onhow fast your hair grows, you will return every 4 weeks. WHAT ABOUT RE-GROWTH? Contrary to popular belief, Body Waxing does not promote more hair growth! As you wax after re-growth, the hair follicle root begins to create thinner and thinner hair. You will begin to notice this by observing the white root ball getting smaller and smaller at the end of each hair. Eventually, it will become non-existent. WILL I HAVE A REACTION TO WAXING? We’d like to say “no”. We offer a fantastic product that does a beautiful job of assisting in maintaining all of your waxing services for home care. You are welcome to come in for a free patch test wax anytime. WHY REMOVE HAIR? Waxing makes your skin smooth and silky and this result lasts a long time. In the more intimate areas it’s really wonderful because hair holds on to odor. Without hair there, you can stay cleaner, longer. WHAT IF I AM ON MY PERIOD? Clients come in when they are on their period. It may be a little more sensitive in your mind because you are a little more emotional with the hormone activity inside of you at that time. Physically it’s really just the same. It is not a problem for us if you want to come in during that special time. Just arrive early to give yourself time to freshen up that area with the complimentary wipes we provide in the bathroom, as well as put in a new tampon. CAN I TAN, STEAM, SWEAT, OR EXERCISE AFTER A WAX? Yes, but it is better to wait 24-48 hours so your skin can re- acclimate after a wax. Don’t come in after a spray on tan, our wax will clean the area right off. Spray tan after your waxing appointment. Don’t come in if you are sun burned or tanning salon burned. Waxing would be way too much trauma on the skin. I’M ON ACCUTANE/MEDICINE. CAN I COME IN FOR A WAX? No. You must wait at least six weeks at the end of your medicinal treatment(s) to make sure everything is clear and skin cells and nerves are not so sensitive on and in your skin. DO YOU WAX MEN’S BEARDS? No. The skin is way too sensitive and hair too thick. But we gladly welcome men for other facial and waxing services.


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